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12" Sri Yantra, Sri Chakra, Wooden Wall Art, Wooden Wall Art Decor, Sacred Geometry Art, Geometry Art, Chakra, Tapestry, Poster, Made in USA Items

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Product Description

12" Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Home Decor, Natural Wooden Wall Art, Sacred Geometry Art, Sculpture, Wall Decorations, Chakra Banner, Spiritual HealingGrid. Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid. Reiki Energy Grid & Generator.

  • Birch Plywood
  • Made in USA
  • STAND OUT: Perfect for home decorations, office decorations, apartment gifts, relationship gifts, symbolic gifts, DIY art projects, stencils, charms, use for your rituals, paint and decorate it amongst your art projects, crystal grid, display it for apartment therapy, setting an intention of manifestation, a meditation focal point... the opportunities are abundant!
  • SET INTENTIONS: Catching your eye and brings positive energy to your home and sacred space! Meditate upon it or use it as you study its deeper meanings and what it divinely means for you. Enjoy the positivity that surrounds this sacred geometry design!
  • USE: Display best side up as wall hanging art décor, set it in any room to enhance your sacred or sanctuary space. Lay it flat on a table or use it on platform with a crystal grid. Artistically paint it or use it as a stencil art medium!
  • DETAILS: This 7 ply layered wood is 12in wide & 4.99mm thick, you can't miss its presence in a room! Each one is unique and has a different grain pattern. Our products are wrapped with recyclable, eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging


This Sri Yantra is a mystical diagram, sacred geometric art, and a symbol of divine balance. Studied by sages for millennia, this image is believed to hold the key to the Universe. The study of the Sri Yantra, and the mastery of its secrets can impart the science of creation (whatever you want), and of destruction (whatever you don't want). This short explanation is only a tiny portion of the mythic attributes of this ancient and powerful symbol.


This sacred symbol looks great on any wall, perfect for home decor, yoga studio, meditation space to encourage balance, reiki, acupuncture, massage or healing centers, studio, retreat, office or workspace. Can be used as a stencil, painted or embellished as an art project. Lay it flat for a centerpiece, or as a power grid for your altar. This sacred symbol is eye-catching and elegant, and brings positive energy wherever you choose to display it.

Crystal Grids are an incredibly powerful and beautiful way to manifest your dreams, goals and intentions. The power of a crystal grid comes from the combined energies of the crystals you use, how you lay them out and the intentions you set. Basically, a crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals and stones, used with intention, to manifest a desired result. Keep in mind that the universe likes to provide us with what we need, not just what we want. So it's best to focus on manifesting a need vs a want, if you would like it to come to fruition. Common intentions that people use for crystal grids are for well being, abundance, healing and protection.

There are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to crystal grids, it's best to use your own intuition and work with what you feel guided to do with the crystals. Some people like to do them on a cloth or piece of paper with sacred geometry on them, as they believe this increases the power of the grid. Others like to include pieces of nature, like leaves or flowers in their grid. Many people pick their stones based on the properties of the individual crystals that are aligned with what they would like to manifest. The possibilities are endless! Below is the most commonly used technique when doing a crystal grid, which may be helpful for beginners.

Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Crystal Grid

  1. The first step is deciding what your intentions are for the grid. You may like to write this down on a piece of paper and place it under the central stone in your grid. Try to be specific about what you would like and as mentioned before, try to stick with a need, rather than want if you can.

  2. Choose your crystals. You may do this keeping in mind the individual crystals properties and what your intentions are, but you can also work with whatever you have on hand. Most importantly, trust in your intuition and what you feel guided to use.

  3. It's important to cleanse your crystals and the space that you will be doing your crystal grid in. I like to do this by using asage smudge stick. However, there are many ways you can cleanse your crystals. You could use sound, like crystal or Tibetan singing bowls. Moonlight is another option. You can simply place your crystals in the moonlight to cleanse them during the full moon. Other options include burying your crystals in the earth, putting them in sunlight, water, using Reiki or salt. Just be careful, as some crystals do not like water, like Selenite. This is why I prefer to stick with sage.

  4. Place the piece of paper you wrote your intentions down on in the centre of your space and while you do this, either within your mind or aloud, say what your intentions are. Take a moment to really slow down and connect with your own spirit and the energy of the universe while you do this. You may like to light a candle or play some relaxing music while you do this.

  5. Some people believe that its best to start from the outside and go in, or others prefer to start in the middle and work out. Doing whatever feels right for you, start placing your crystals down. Some people like to use sacred geometry to do this, and it gives them an easy guide as to where they can place their crystals.

  6. The final step is to activate your grid. I like to do this using a clear quartz point. This is kind of like an energetic "dot-to-dot", as you touch each crystal with your point, drawing an invisible line to connect them to one another. It's best to leave your crystal grid set up for a period of time, rather than put it away straight away. I like to leave mine for at least 48 hours, but do whatever works for you. Some people leave them up long term. They certainly make a beautiful addition to any space.

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