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  • Ganesh Elephant God - Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art Decor (Color: Black) Bring the Remover of Obstacles into your home in this unique and beautiful way.
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Ganesh Elephant God - Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art Decor (Color: Black) Bring the Remover of Obstacles into your home in this unique and beautiful way.

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Product Description

Ganesh Elephant God - Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art Decor (Color: Black) Bring the Remover of Obstacles into your home in this unique and beautiful way.

Size: 30.3in H x 21.7in W (77cm H x 55cm W)
Ideal for Walls, Furniture, Vehicle and any clean flat surface - Indoors or Out 
The vinyl will last for years without peeling or fading.
There is no background color. 

Decal comes in three layers: Transfer tape, Vinyl Decal, and backing paper. Easy to follow application instructions will be included with your purchase.

The decal is cut from a high-quality, matte vinyl that is very durable indoors and outdoors.The decal can be remooved at any time, but it is not re-usable after it has been removed from the surface.

How to apply it:
1. Clean wall surface.
2. Determine the place you wish to place the wall sticker
3. Rip off the clear sticky plastic film from the hard paper. 
4. Cut the patterns carefully into separate pieces.
5. Peel off the design with the transfer film, so all decals will on film.
6. Stick the film on the place you would like to decorate.
7. Press to fix the patterns, and then rip off the empty film.
8. Done!

* 1. If it is attached to the surface of the glass or ceramic tile, please clean the surface with a lean and dry cloth, to maintain a easier posting, smooth and best apperance.
* 2. Some of the larger pattern stickers may have a little bubbles bubbles after flattened, please don't warry it won't effect the whole apperace, and you can use the scratch card scratch or remove the air bubbles or small bubbles by punctured them with a needle.
* 3. If the pasted wall damp, aging or just brush new paint, that may cause wall stickers off automatically after pasting, or cause peeling walls, you can use a hair dryer or hot air to dry the wall paint to be volatile for some time, and then paste.
* 4. If by any accidentally, you post the wall stickers,on the wrong position, you can tear it town gently with a small blade, if it won't be torn off, it can be re-paste on other place. We don't suggest to it often, because the effect may be not as good as it might be.
Note: please use dryer to warm up the decals before peeling them off from the wall.

Package Includes:
1 x Wall stickers




Ganesh, The God of Progress, Remover of Obstacles.
An elephant-headed deity, son of Shiva and Parvati

  • Made from Solid Brass
  • Size: 2.5" high.
  • Handmade in India
  • Size & Weight may vary

A perfect piece for altar or use as a home decor

Who is Lord Ganesh?

Ganesha is the formless Divinity - encapsulated in a magnificent form, for the benefit of the devotee. As per Hindu mythology, he is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

The Meaning of Ganesh.

Gan means group. The universe is a group of atoms and different energies. This universe would be in chaos if there was no supreme law governing these diverse groups of entities.
The Lord of all these groups of atoms and energies is Ganesha.
He is the supreme consciousness that pervades all and brings order in this universe.

The Essence of Lord Ganesha.

The essence of Ganesha is brought out beautifully by Adi Shankara.

  • Though Ganesha is worshiped as the elephant-headed God, the form (swaroop) is just to bring out the formless (parabrahma roopa).
  • He is, 'Ajam Nirvikalpam Niraakaaramekam.' This means Ganesha is Ajam (unborn), he isNirvikalpa(attributeless), he is Niraakaar (formless) and he symbolizes the consciousness which is omnipresent.
  • Ganesha is the same energy which is the reason for this universe. It is the energy from which everything manifests and into which everything will dissolve.
  • Symbolism and Significance of Ganesha

    • Ganesha's big belly represents generosity and total acceptance.
    • Ganesha's upraised hand depicts protection.  It means, 'Fear not, I am with you', and his lowered hand, palm facing outwards means endless giving as well as an invitation to bow down. This is also symbolic of the fact that we will all dissolve into earth one day.
    • Ganesha also has a single tusk which signifies one-pointedness. Even the implementsGanesha wields are symbolic.
    • He carries in his hands the 'Ankusa' (signifying awakening) and the 'Paasa' (signifying control). With awakening, a lot of energy is released, which without proper control, can go haywire.
    • Ganesha, the elephant-headed God travel on something as small as a mouse? Isn't that so incongruous? Again there is symbolism that runs deep. The mouse snips and nibbles away at ropes that bind. The mouse is like the mantra which can cut through sheaths and sheaths of ignorance, leading to the ultimate knowledge represented by Ganesha!

    Our ancient Rishis were so deeply intelligent that they chose to express Divinity in terms of symbols rather than words, since words change over time, but symbols remain unchanged.
    Let us keep the deep symbolism in mind as we experience the omnipresent in the form of the elephant God, yet be fully aware that Ganesha is very much within us. This is the wisdom we should carry as we celebrate Ganesh Chaturti.

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