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Natural Meteorite (Tektite) Pendant Necklace. Inner Strength. Psychically used for Raised Consciousness &Telepathy. Fine Jewelry

0.50 LBS

Product Description

Natural Meteorite (Tektite) Pendant Necklace. Inner Strength. Psychically used for Raised Consciousness &Telepathy. Fine Jewelry

Each piece is made of authentic 

Meteorite (Tektite)

crystal stones - may vary slightly in size, color or shape

  • Material: Natural Meteorite, Pendant Size Approx: (25-30)*(35-40)mm, irregular shape, Stainless Steel Chain 20 inch
  • NOTICE: They are irregular shape,Size and color may be a little different.
  • HEALING STONE: Meteorite gemstone aids in our journey especially with new beginnings. This stone is one of thought & communication
  • [NOTICE] They are natural stone, Size, shape and color may be a little different.


Meteorite & Tektite Properties & Meaning

A Meteorite is literally from space. Tektite is generally formed from debris kicked up from a Meteorite strike. The debris is melted and fused, thrown up into the upper atmosphere and returned back to Earth and found as Tektite.

Meteorites are metallic. Tektites are usually black.

Key Words:

Wave Length
New Beginnings

General Meteorite & Tektite Crystal Healing Information

For what and How Does One Use it?

Meteorite can help expand our consciousness beyond current limitations and bring deeper insights into current situations or problems. Meditating with Meteorite  activates and enhances psychic and telepathic abilities. It can also help with lucid dreaming and astral travel.

The Meteorites that have high iron levels assist the physical body in accepting, grounding, integrating and bonding with the spiritual sides of ourselves. Through the physical body being well grounded – our spirits may soar into the heavens, and the valuable information and experiences gained will be better retained and made available to the conscious mind.

Used as an elixir, Meteorite enhances ones consciousness and cosmic awareness. On a cellular level, this elixir promotes evolution within the physical  form.

Tektite helps us discern, and focus upon what is true and right for oneself, rather than buy into misleading hype. It takes one on life changing adventures, and transforms our reality by showing us that what we may perceive as a catastrophic climactic events, can indeed be the very making of a stronger, more powerful and streamlined consciously aware being!

Meditating with Tektite can have the effect of thinning the veils between dimensions.

On the physical level, Tektite can amplify and accelerate the healing process from disease and physical injuries.


Crystal Description

Meteorites are rocks and metals that have landed on Earth, most are Asteroid fragments and there are a handful originating from the Moon and Mars. Two groups of Meteorites are un-melted or melted.

Un-melted or Chondrites are stone; three main Chondrite classes are Carbonaceous, Ordinary and Enstatite according to chemical content. Melted Meteorites are iron, stone-iron and stone. Iron Meteorites classes are Magmatic and Non-Magmatic according to level of melting and chemical content. Stone-Iron Meteorites classes are Pallasites and Mesosiderites. Stone Meteorites classes are Achondrites, Lunar and Martian.

The classification of Meteorites is complex and incomplete with many sub categories, making identification and cataloguing difficult.


Metaphysical Properties

Meteorites are rare with unique properties and are held as sacred in many cultures. Meteorites unlock their uniqueness as they attune to Earth and keeper energies.

When meditating with a Meteorite visions and information may be given that does not fit with human existence, seemingly otherworldly in content and enlightened in feeling.

Meteorite has been used to treat mental distress, grounding high vibrational states of consciousness into the physical.

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