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Unique Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Round Shaped 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Link Bracelet . Healing Third Eye & Crown Chakra Stones. Connect to the Violet Flame. Recovery Stone. Aids with Sleep & Dreams. Fine Jewelry

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Unique Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Round Shaped 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Link Bracelet . Healing Third Eye & Crown Chakra Stones. Connect to the Violet Flame. Recovery Stone. Aids with Sleep & Dreams. Fine Jewelry

Each piece is made of authentic amethyst crystal stones - may vary slightly in size, color or shape


    • Featured/Specifications Metal : Silver Plated Ovar Brass | Finish : High Polish | Stone : Genuine Amethyst, | Stone Size : 7x7mm Round 
    • AMETHYST MEANING : Amethyst Has Healing Powers To Help With Physical Ailments, Emotional Issues, And In Energy Healing And Chakra Balancing. Amethyst Crystal Therapies Are Primarily Associated With Physical Ailments Of The Nervous System, The Curing Of Nightmares And Insomnia, And Balancing The Crown Chakra. Amethyst Gemstone Offers Certain Benefits For Body Detoxification And Health. This Gem Provides Benefits Similar To Tourmaline, Such As Far-Infrared Radiation And Negative Ion Emission
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    • Luxury Jewelry On Affordable Price: Providing Quality Pieces That Satisfy Our Customers Is Our Primary Goal, Which Is Why Our Jewelry Passes Extensive Quality Checkpoints Before Being Shipped To You. Each Piece Is Constructed From High Quality Materials At A Price Point That Works For You, Because Everyone Deserves A Piece Of Luxury
    • Images Are Enlarged To Show Finest Details Of The Design. All Gemstones Used Are Natural And Some Color Difference And/Or Variations In Natural Textures Are Obvious.


Amethyst Crystals...

Powerful Stones To Use For Violet Flame Healing

Amethyst crystals are potent stones to aid healing and they bring intense spiritual growth. Discover the meaning and use of these well-known of the quartz crystals.

Are you wondering why this purple crystal is so popular? This beautiful purple quartz crystal is one of the stones that embody the energy of the violet flame.


They are very beautiful, and are some of the most are widely sold healing crystals for you to add to your collection, as they are valuable healing stones.

They are useful for both healers and the average person to use, with many metaphysical properties that make it a stone that a great number of people choose to use.

They are potent stones for spiritual healing and growth, and to they may aid you to beat addictions. It is easy to buy these purple quartz crystals as they are found in many retail outlets, in many parts of the world.

Where Is It From? Amethyst Meaning

This crystals name comes from the Greek word 'amethustos', meaning non-drunk.  One of the interesting facts about Amethyst crystals is that the ancient Greeks made cups from the purple stone.

These ancient people believed that drinking from it could prevent you from becoming inebriated.

This stone has been found in a large number of locations, including Europe, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, East Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia the USA and Canada.


The lovely purple colored stone is the most common, and it is very popular. Amethyst crystals come in a range of colors, including Prasiolite which is also called Green Amethyst.


As well you have the highly favored deep purple stone and the pink, violet and the quite lovely transparent lavender crystals which is the Vera Cruz variety and as well there is Chevron Amethyst, seen in photo below.


Amethyst crystals do not need to be purple to heal, and you will find slightly different healing outcomes for different colored stones. 

Amegreen also carries this same heart based energy, as does Amethyst Cacoxenite, a lovely stone from Brazil and a recently discovered stone from Canada known as Auralite 23.

Prasiolite is the name of the Green Quartz variety of the family, and it also has amazing healing aspects, as do the pink, lavender and of course the violet and purple stones.

Both the pinkish stones in this family, and the green stones have all the aspects of the violet stones, and the lovely green crystals known as Prasiolite, also resonate within the heart chakra.

Heal With Amethyst... Powerful Violet Flame Healing

Looking at the deep purple color in the pictures of these lovely stone, you can see why this stone is so admired.  This is a powerful stone that will help you in a number of ways including:

  • All colors of this crystal carry a strong healing vibration.
  • Although the purple stones are the most well known crystals for carrying the violet flame healing vibration all colors are wonderful healing crystals. 
  • Although many pieces of these crystals are purple, the color of these crystals is only an indication of the level of heat that the particular stone endured while in the ground.
  • More than any other crystal Amethyst will quieten the mind, allowing you to more easily make contact with spirit. 
  • All colors of these stones have a useful energy that will heal holes in the aura.
  • They will also cleanse negative energy from your auric field, so you can see that it will be a great advantage in the overall growth of your spirituality and health.

It will be helpful to your overall health and healing to do this regularly, and will help the birth of new gifts as well as aiding your spiritual growth.


This lovely violet crystal is one of the stones of the violet flame, brought to renown by the Ascended master, St Germain.

The violet flame energy has powerful healing attributes, and is embodied within both Amethyst Crystals, and other violet flame stones.

Learn about using this amazing energy for healing. This is a potent spiritual healing method using a powerful energy, overseen by the Ascended master, St Germaine.

Facts About Amethyst... History Of Amethyst

Amethyst Crystals have been continuously used throughout history, as its strong vibration was and is recognized to be so beneficial for many reasons. 

The history of this beautiful purple crystal goes right back to ancient times, including in Ancient  Egypt where it was used to make beads and amulets.


But to really understand why it is so loved, you need to look at the Amethyst facts in more detail including:

  • It is historically believed to have been the ninth stone on the Breastplate of the High Priest of Israel.
  • It is clear that these ancient people could feel the vibration of the lovely crystal energy that these purple stones were emitting.
  • This energy is recognized even today, as the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church wears a ring with this stone in it.
  • One of the reasons why these purple crystals have been prized throughout history, was of course for its beauty as well as its energy.


For many centuries people have used these beautiful purple stones, as they believed, and perhaps intuitively recognized, that they had amazing healing powers. 


You can experience the feeling that resonates from them, as the field of light that they emit is so strong.

This quartz crystal variety emits a strong field of vibrational healing energy, so they are marvelous tools for self healing. 

This is one of the Amethyst facts that is immediately apparent when you stand in front of one of them. 

Potent Healing Crystals For You To Use To Heal Yourself!

Amethyst crystals are easy to buy. One of the quartz formations that are a powerful asset to any room is a lovely cluster of this stone.

One of the beautiful geodes placed anywhere in your environment, is powerful to bring through a wonderful healing vibration.

If there was only one stone that you were able to choose to have in your environment, this would be the one.

The ancient meaning of this stone has been found to be true, as healers use it today as it assists you to beat addictions. 


If you have addictive habits such as smoking, drinking or drug addictions you may be assisted by wearing these purple crystals.

Quartz crystals may be cleaned easily, but if you are cleansing other varieties of crystals or large geodes use one of the other methods of cleansing your crystals.

Just make sure you regularly clean yours for best long term results, and please ensure that those crystals that are on you every day are regularly cleansed.

As you have read there is a long list of different reasons for using these crystals. You can combine them with any of the stones that will help you to beat addictions.

Use These Crystals Regularly...

If you have addictive habits such as smoking, drinking, drug addictions or an addiction to food, you may be assisted by using these crystals, along with other violet flame healing stones. 

An easy way is help yourself if you have any of these problems, is to wear jewelry made from this stone. 

If you need help to lose weight, you could simply put a tumblestone or other piece of this lovely stone in your pocket. 

Once you have a piece and use it, you will feel the change in both yourself and your environment that these beautiful purple quartz crystals will create.

Its becoming easier to get clusters of these crystals, both big and small, and they are lovely stones to have nearby. 

Because there are so many points in the clusters, their energy will resonate out into the area where they are located very easily.  

The amazing energy that is embodied within these purple stones will open the third eye.

This may aid the awakening of psychic visions and your clairvoyant abilities, as this is related to the third eye energy.  

They are an Aquarius birthstone as well as an Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces birthstone.

It is one of the more powerful stones for psychic protection, and it's action to aid you to develop your intuition is a real asset.

This is an excellent reason for keeping it within your aura. What better way to do that than wearing lovely jewelry made from it!

These stones are also on the birthstone by month list, as they are both a January birthstone and a February birthstone, so look for Amethyst birthstone jewelry.


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